We Are Always Moving

Everyday is a mission. Every mission starts with a cup (or two) of coffee, a hearty breakfast and a solid lunch plan. Once the meal problem is solved it’s task-time. There are days we make, days we plan, and of course days of rest (that usually involve casual ideation). More often than not, our days are a combination of all three; planning the next idea, while making the last. When the day is done we put it to bed with a solid dinner and the occasional bourbon to cap it off.
Mission accomplished.
The History
WAAM industries has always been a company on the move. Founded in 2012, it has taken over spare rooms, basements, garage stalls and back yards.  In the past year it has landed somewhere between our industrial workspace in Minneapolis and our ever-changing home studio.
Made in the USA
All of the products you see on this site are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We are dedicated to supporting and sourcing our materials from U.S. companies.